Tela Redesign: Monetize Your Inbox

We're building a messaging app for the 21st century - one that can handle the era of information overload.

Tela Redesign: Monetize Your Inbox

Main points:

  • Tela has recently completed a redesign. Screenshots below.
  • We're building a messaging app for the 21st century - one that can handle the era of information overload.
  • With Tela, people can pay a reasonable amount to ask you about your work and your experience.
  • We have a new slogan: Tela: Monetize Your Inbox
  • We're preparing for an investment round. Contact StJohn Piano on Tela or LinkedIn if you would like to be kept informed. Link:
  • If you'd like to know how to use Tela for consulting, here's our guide:


We draw a lot of our inspiration from Zen.

The Internet is not a calm place to work. Every part of it constantly demands attention. This produces high levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout.

We think it can be better.

Consider these images below. Just looking at them for a while produces a calming effect. Your nervous system relaxes, moving out of the Internet's constant frenzy of distraction.

We find these images calming and stress-relieving. Our response is instinctual - we can't help it.

Our idea is to use this for the Tela interface.

We want to make messaging more calm, pleasant, and productive.

So, yes, we have the attention-grabbing headline:

Tela: Monetize Your Inbox

In the era of information overload, you need such a hook - a clear statement of immediate value.

But then, after that, we want to bring you into this:

Points to note:

  • The green, blue, and gray color scheme - these are all calming colors.
  • The big green "Balance" panel in the top-left. This is our main offering. Tela helps you to make money.
  • You only receive messages if the sender has paid you. This is our second offering. It eliminates spam. Tela helps you to reduce the inflow of messages down to the ones that really matter.
  • The chat categories on the left side, especially the "Queued" category. This is our third offering. Tela helps you to manage your messaging relationships.

Let's look at some more screenshots.

Here's our login page.

Simple. Calm.

You can then write a profile to briefly describe your work and your experience.

People can contact you by clicking your Tela contact link.

Here's the Links management page.

An example Tela contact link:

You can have many different links. We track the number of clicks on each individual link, so you can easily see which channels people contact you from.

Someone who clicks on your Tela link will be brought to this page:

You'll use our messaging screen (which you saw at the beginning) to respond to people's messages.

We've developed a new feature: Queuing.

You read a message and don't have the time or information to respond right away. So, you queue it.

Using the queue ability, we've designed our Zen interface.

This is a special streamlined messaging mode.

You only see one message at a time.

You zip through the new messages, responding to the easy ones, and queuing the ones that you'll need to look at later.

We want to make messaging a wonderful experience.

We've even designed an invitation that you can send to someone that you want to consult.

You start a chat, send your messages, and then send them a paid invitation link to the chat.

That's the end of our tour of the new redesign. We hope you liked it.

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