How to use Tela for consulting

With Tela, people can pay a reasonable amount to ask you a question or two about your work and your experience.

How to use Tela for consulting

Congratulations ! Welcome to the future of consulting.

The idea is simple: If someone wants to ask you a few questions, it's inconvenient for both of you to set up a 30-minute consulting call.

But: If you answer their questions on a normal messaging platform, you're working for the world for free. This is time-consuming and distracting. It also takes you away from the work that actually pays you !

Tela is the solution.

With Tela, people can pay a reasonable amount to ask you a question or two about your work and your experience.

When people message you, Tela will send you a summary email containing their messages and the amount that they paid. You can choose how often you get this email.

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Step 0: Create an account on Tela.

Please follow this guide:

Creating an account on Tela
Let’s walk through the simple steps to set up an account.

Here's the message to add:

If you have any questions about my work, please contact me on Tela:

You can add this to your profile on: LinkedIn, Instagram, Whatsapp, and any other similar messaging platform.

You can also add it to your staff bio page on your company website.

If you publish content online (such as scientific papers, or marketing content) or you already have a public consulting profile, you can add your Tela link to each piece of content.

This gives the general public a way to contact you - but doesn't allow them to fill your inbox with infinite messages.

Step 2: Be willing to stop answering questions for free.

You need to stop working for the world for free !

If someone asks you a "consulting-level" question, you should write back:

Happy to answer in detail, but let's move to Tela first. Here's my Tela contact link:

Here are some examples of "consulting-level" questions:

  • "Would you recommend Technology X instead of Technology Y in our situation?"
  • "Could you look at my blockchain project proposal and tell me if it's a good idea ?"
  • "I'm thinking of moving to France. I heard you lived there for a while. Could you advise me on what I should be aware of ?"
  • "My son wants to work in the same field that you're in. Do you have any thoughts about how he should try to move into it ?"

Now, if the question is coming from a good friend or a close relative, then it's probably best to answer for free.

But: Many of us deal with a large number of relative strangers - people that we worked with for a short time on a project, often only remotely.

It's polite for them to pay you for your time and attention, and it's better for you to charge for it. Your time is limited.

Step 3: Join Tela Network as a consultant !

Here's the list of people who have already joined:

Here's the guide for joining:

We will write your consulting profile and promote it to the public.

Whenever possible, we will recommend you as a contact for your field of expertise, both to the public and within Tela Network.

This is the future of messaging. Fewer messages, higher-quality messages, paid messages. Less stress and more time.

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