StJohn Piano

Blockchain Developer @ Toptal Network. Ask StJohn Piano about Bitcoin, Blockchain, Crypto, and Smart Contracts.

StJohn Piano

Ask StJohn Piano about:

  • Bitcoin
  • Blockchain
  • Crypto
  • Smart Contracts

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StJohn Piano: Biography & Expertise

StJohn Piano is a senior software engineer with 12+ years of experience (8+ in blockchain).

He has built excellent software for:

  • Various blockchain companies on Toptal Network
  • An Ethereum smart contract development toolset
  • A fully-regulated UK cryptocurrency exchange
  • A blockchain-based web publishing system
  • A secure Bitcoin storage tool
  • A speech recognition company
  • A transcription team
  • A furniture factory


Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Excellent), French (Good)


A ready-for-production Ethereum smart contract project template

A ready-for-production Ethereum smart contract project template, written in Solidity and Typescript. It pre-calculates all gas fees in ETH and USD, includes a complete Hardhat test suite, and can deploy to Sepolia testnet and Ethereum mainnet.


Satoshi Nakamoto’s insights on the nature of Bitcoin
″... Proof-of-work is essentially one-CPU-one-vote...”
The Challenges of Digital Marketing
Everyone quoted in this article is dealing with digital marketing and its challenges *right now*.
Tela Network
Our mission: To help people charge for their attention on the Internet.
James Burnham on Machiavelli
″... The desires of mankind are immense, and insatiable...”

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