Tela 2.0 is live: Modern Design

Tela's value proposition is simple: Your inbox pays you.

Tela 2.0 is live: Modern Design

Tela 2.0 is live. Go to to take a look.

This new version contains a complete redesign of the interface.

Why we've built Tela

Tela's value proposition is simple:

Your inbox pays you.

Every professional today is overloaded with messages.

Company chat, team chat, business emails, marketing emails, notifications from web platforms, etc etc.

It never stops and it's exhausting. It's also getting worse.

So: What if every message had to pay you a fee ?

That's what we've built at Tela.

You don't even have to remember to log in. If you receive new messages, Tela will send you a summary email. You can choose a notification time period (between 1 hour and 1 month).

Tela also offers a safeguard for the sender: If you don't have time to respond, the message will expire, and the fee will be refunded to them.

Messaging is important. We take it seriously.

To use Tela as a paid public contact point, simply add your Tela contact link in your social profiles and your content.

It will look like this:

Anyone who clicks the link will arrive at a new chat with you on Tela.

Tela 2.0

Let's take a look at the new design:

This is the main interface.

It is in Inbox Mode, as shown by the highlighted green box on the left-hand navigation menu.

There are two main aspects to Tela Messaging: Inbox Mode and Contact Mode.

In Inbox Mode, people have paid to send you a message.

To do so, they will use Contact Mode. You will also use Contact Mode when you want to contact another professional.

Here's a screenshot of Tela in Contact Mode:

Let's look at one more important page: Links

This is StJohn Piano's basic Tela link, as shown in the screenshot:

Clicking this link will take you to a chat with him.

You simply add a Tela contact link to your profile on another social platform.

You can use this text:

We all get too many messages.

Please use my priority contact link:


We hope you've enjoyed this quick tour of Tela 2.0.

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