John Underwood

Senior Solutions Architect - Search @ MongoDB. Ask John Underwood about Tech Pre-Sales, Search, and GenAI.

John Underwood

Senior Solutions Architect - Search @ MongoDB

John has over a decade of experience as a pre-sales professional - bridging the gap between business and technology and driving sales through technological know-how.

Most of that time has been spent in the search industry solving problems of information retrieval and discovery in diverse industries, from retail to defense.

Ask John Underwood about:

  • Working in Pre-Sales
  • Practical problems in Search
  • GenAI systems - especially Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • His experiences with homeschooling
  • Practising the Catholic faith

For any queries directly related to his work as a Solution Architect at MongoDB, please use his MongoDB email:

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John Underwood

John Underwood: Experience

Senior Solutions Architect - Search @ MongoDB

Expert Solutions Engineer @ Talend

Director of Sales Engineering @ Lucidworks

Sales Engineering Manager @ Lucidworks

Senior Solutions Architect @ Lucidworks

Senior Solutions Architect @ Twigkit

Corporate Systems Engineer @ Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Corporate Systems Engineer @ Hewlett-Packard

EMEA Specialist Business Consultant @ HP Autonomy

Technical Specialist @ Autonomy

John Underwood: Education

BSc in Mathematics @ University of York

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