Isaac Piano

Captain in the British Army (Royal Corps of Signals). Ask Isaac Piano about life as an officer in the British Army and Project Management.

Isaac Piano

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Isaac Piano is a Captain in the Royal Signals with 4+ years experience of communications project management, leadership and sales.

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  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Working in the British Army

Isaac Piano: Biography & Expertise

Development and delivery of multi-faceted communications centre with oversight of comms nodes at reach with minimal notice to move.

Communications Liaison Officer between NATO formations.

Command, leadership and management of 150 soldiers (3+ years).

Experience (1+ years) of sales worth £70,000.

Development and management of personal online eBay store with £500 turnover per month.

Languages: English (Native), Spanish (Excellent), German (Beginner)

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Isaac Piano joins Tela as Project Management Consultant
Role: Plan, coordinate, and develop Tela Medical - a Medical Locum Agency.

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