Rohas Nagpal

Author | Blockchain Architect | LinkedIn Top Voice. Ask Rohas Nagpal about Cyber Law, Cyber Crime Investigation, and Blockchain Technology.

Rohas Nagpal

Author | Blockchain Architect | LinkedIn Top Voice

Rohas Nagpal is an Author, LinkedIn Top Voice, Chief Blockchain Architect of the Hybrid Finance (HYFI) Blockchain, retired Cyber Crime Investigator, and co-founder of Asian School of Cyber Laws.

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  • Cyber Law
  • Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Blockchain & Crypto
  • The Hybrid Finance Blockchain (HYFI)

Rohas Nagpal: Experience

  • Cybercrime Investigation

In 1999, I co-founded the Asian School of Cyber Laws, dedicating 16 years to cyber investigation and cyber law.

During this time, I also assisted the Government of India in framing draft rules under the Information Technology Act.

My work spanned 18 countries, investigating cybercrimes & data breaches for hundreds of organizations across sectors like aerospace, banking, law enforcement, pharma & shipping.

I also authored the Cyber Crime Investigation Manual, hailed as a "bible for cybercrime investigators" by the Times of India.

  • Blockchain & Crypto

I first heard of Bitcoin in 2011 while assisting the police in a drug mafia case.

I found Bitcoin fascinating and even mined some bitcoins, but then made one of my biggest mistakes by "deleting" my private keys.

In 2015, I dove into the blockchain space, spending 4 months studying Bitcoin technology & setting up multichain blockchains.

In 2016, I co-founded Primechain & BankChain, a community of 37 banks + IBM, Microsoft, and Intel. Our core product was a self-building blockchain ecosystem with a web app, PWA & Blockchain REST API service.

The project went into hibernation in 2018 after the RBI's ban on crypto, but I continued as a Blockchain Architect for some very interesting projects.

I have also been a consultant for the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub for preparing a Whitepaper on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

I write a weekly newsletter for Mint, advise several Blockchain startups, and have developed the Blockchain Token Valuator.

I also conduct the free Blockchain Engineering Program.

Main site

The Hybrid Finance Blockchain (HYFI)

Asian School of Cyber Laws

Blockchain Engineering (BE+) Program



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