Nicholas Piano

User Interface Developer @ EndPointDev. Ask Nicholas Piano about Bitcoin, Blockchain, and User Interfaces.

Nicholas Piano

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  • Bitcoin and blockchain development
  • User interface design and development
  • Cosmology
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Nicholas Piano: Biography & Expertise

Nicholas' professional career started in Astrophysics, which led quickly into software development and user interface design.

He has designed and built performant software for:

In his personal development time, he works on:

  • Cryptocurrencies and user authentication
  • Cryptocurrency wallet software
  • Chatbots and AI assistants



Edgecase | So you want to deploy a smart contract on Ethereum?
So you want to deploy a smart contract on Ethereum?, by Nicholas Piano, published 2022-07-17 as an article on Edgecase Datafeed.
Edgecase | Monads in Python
Monads in Python, by Nicholas Piano, published 2021-03-09 as an article on Edgecase Datafeed.
Edgecase | An approach to caching
An approach to caching, by Nicholas Piano, published 2020-08-17 as an article on Edgecase Datafeed.

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