Creating an account on Tela

Let's walk through the simple steps to set up an account.

Creating an account on Tela

Please note: You do not need to buy any crypto in order to create an account.

Let's walk through the simple steps to set up an account.

1. Install a cryptocurrency wallet

In order to receive payments, your account needs to be created using a cryptocurrency wallet.

A popular wallet is MetaMask:

Follow the instructions on the MetaMask website to install the wallet on your browser (and/or on your phone).

Important: Please carefully back up your Metamask seed phrase.

You are now ready to create your account.

2. Connect your wallet to Tela

Please note: If you already have a Metamask wallet that holds your crypto savings, and you prefer not to connect it to Tela, then simply create a second account in the wallet called e.g. "Tela Account", and connect to using that account instead.

Once the MetaMask wallet is installed in your browser, reload to make it available.

Click the "Login" button in the top-right corner:

Select "Wallet":

To connect your wallet, you can either:

1) Select your installed wallet (e.g. MetaMask) in the browser


2) Scan the QR code with your mobile app

3. Sign a challenge

A challenge is a unique piece of random data. It allows Tela to verify that you control the wallet that you are using to sign in.

Click "Sign Challenge":

Sign the challenge using your wallet.

Click "Sign":

4. Choose a username

This can be your full name or any other name you use to identify yourself to your customer or your audience.

5. Enter your email

If you signed in using a cryptocurrency wallet, you will be prompted for your email.

This email will be used for:

  • Login
  • Email updates containing summaries of latest chat activity

A Tela link allows anyone to open a paid chat with you, just by clicking the link. It can be pasted anywhere: on LinkedIn, your website, in an email signature - anywhere that people might look for a way to contact you.

Links also show the number of clicks and the income you have earned from users that clicked on that link.

Simply click "COPY LINK" and paste it anywhere.

Your primary link will look like this:

You can create more links to track traffic from specific sources, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, or a personal website. They will look like this:<random_six_character_code>

6. You're done!

Create as many links as you need for your different channels (LinkedIn, your website, etc) and make them clearly visible to people who want to contact you.