Guillermo Pablos Murphy

Final-year International Relations Student @ University of Glasgow. Ask Guillermo Pablos Murphy about International Relations, Research, and Digital Diplomacy.

Guillermo Pablos Murphy

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International Relations Student @ University of Glasgow. Network Diplomat @ Tela Network. Future Democracy Researcher.

Ask Guillermo Pablos Murphy about:

  • International Relations
  • Academic Experience at top UK and French Universities
  • Designing Empirical Research
  • Mechanisms for User Governance in Digital Platforms
  • Digital Democracy
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Guillermo Pablos Murphy: Biography & Expertise

Guillermo Pablos Murphy is a final-year undergraduate in International Relations at the University of Glasgow. He recently returned from a year at Sciences Po.

He is currently researching systems of democratic governance that can be incorporated into digital platforms.

Languages: English (native), Spanish (native)

He has undertaken research on:

  • Digital Forums for Policy Making
  • Administration at Higher Education Institutions
  • Defining Democracy
  • META Corporation's governance structure

His recent reading:

  • Against Democracy, Jason Brennan
  • A History the the Medieval Church 590-1500, Margaret Deanesly
  • Dominion, Tom Holland
  • Principles For Dealing With the Changing World Order, Ray Dalio
  • The City in the Future of Democracy, Robert A. Dahl
  • The Growth of the American Republic, Samuel Eliot Morison, Henry Steele Commager, & William E. Leuchtenburg.
  • The Network State, Balaji Srinavassan
  • The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity, Kwame Anthony Appiah
  • The Shortest History of England, James Hawes
  • The Shortest History of Germany, James Hawes
  • The Trouble with Democracy: Political Modernity in the 21st Century, edited by Gerard Rosich and Peter Wagner


The Politics Of Tomorrow - Make Your Vote Count
″... I believe this research can provide practical lessons for the democratic tools of the future. I believe your voice should be heard.”
Liberty in the Network Era
″... Ancient liberty is collective sovereignty...”
‘Participatory Design of Digital Democratic Polls’: a Dissertation Proposal
″... Ultimately, whether or not blockchain technology will lead to the rise of a new economic order is not—solely—a technical matter; it is, first and foremost, a political question.”

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