Eigirdas Skruolis

Front-End Developer @ Hypt. Wordpress Expert. Ask Eigirdas Skruolis about Front-End Development, Wordpress, React, and Angular.

Eigirdas Skruolis

Eigirdas Skruolis: Front-End Developer @ Hypt. Wordpress Expert.

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  • Front-End Development
  • Wordpress
  • React
  • Angular
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Eigirdas Skruolis: Biography & Experience

Full-stack developer & WordPress expert with over 5 years of experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery. Developed over 15 websites (corporate and e-commerce), one data management software and supported growth of IT infrastructure for a global brand.

  • Front-End Developer @ Hypt
  • Full-Stack Developer, WordPress Expert [Freelance]
  • Full-Stack Developer, WordPress Expert @ Two Flamingos

Languages: English (Excellent), Lithuanian (Native)

Eigirdas Skruolis

Eigirdas Skruolis: Experience in detail

  • Full-Stack Developer, WordPress Expert @ Two Flamingos

Two Flamingos is a UK-based marketing agency working with local and outside-UK companies to advance their digital presence utilising digital marketing services and web development solutions.

  • Complete e-commerce and corporate website development
  • Various 3rd-party software integration for WordPress
  • Website speed and performance optimisation
  • Work with clients directly to understand their needs and provide solutions

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