The value of Tela shares

Tela shares receive dividends from the network revenue, which comes from message fees.

The value of Tela shares

Summary: Tela shares receive dividends from the network revenue, which comes from message fees. As long as Tela can expand its network faster than it has to issue shares, the value of each share will increase.

Question: How does the Tela network make money ?

The network revenue is derived from transaction fees. In Tela, each message is a transaction, and pays a fee.

Question: Why would a user want to use the Tela messaging app, when free alternatives exist ?

Tela is laser-focused on the mental, financial, social, and productivity needs of the message receiver, not the message sender.

A message receiver wants to receive messages that are a) few, b) meaningful, and c) paid.

Today, many people receive an enormous number of messages and notifications. They aren't able to respond to all of them, and when they do respond they are working for free.

With Tela, they can reduce the flood down to a manageable level, and they'll get paid.

Once they experience Tela, they won't want anything else.

Question: Under what circumstances will the Tela share price increase ?

If the number of messages sent through the Tela app increases:

  • the network revenue will increase, so
  • the dividend per share will increase, therefore
  • the share price will increase.

The issuance of new shares will reduce the gain per share, but as long as network activity increases faster than the issuance rate, the share price will still increase.

Question: Why does Tela have to issue new shares ?

Please see this article: Why Tela offers shares to its users

Question: What does "expand the network" mean ?

Produce more content, get more attention, bring in more investment, attract more users, and increase the usefulness of the messaging app.

All of these actions help Tela achieve its ultimate goal: Increase the network activity (i.e. the number of messages sent securely and profitably), as long as this improves the lives of its users.

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Please note: An investment is not a guarantee. Tela cannot guarantee that it will expand infinitely, that its share price will go to the moon, and that you personally will be able to buy a luxury car and move to Miami.

But: Tela can guarantee that it will try its absolute best to increase the value of your investment.

Conclusion: If you think Tela has a good chance of increasing its share price, buying Tela shares is a good move.