Roadmap #1

... We will contact every society on Balaji Srinivasan's Network State Dashboard...

Roadmap #1

If you have any questions, you can contact StJohn Piano on Tela:

You can invest in Tela here:

  • [outreach] Contact content creators and ask them to consider using Tela as their public contact link

Ideally, these should be creators whose content we enjoy and wish to promote.

Ask them if a) they'd like to charge for the messages they receive and b) if they'd like to join us as an official partner (for this, they would receive higher referral fees - 50%).

  • [outreach] Establish contact with other startup societies

We will contact every society on Balaji Srinivasan's Network State Dashboard:

There are various possible avenues for cooperation with them:

1) Exchange observations. Interview them for an article or podcast about their society.

2) Equity swap. Take a stake in each other's success.

3) Construct a partnership. E.g. we handle their internal messaging (everyone running anything is subject to the same messaging overload problem).

4) Ask them for advice on getting ready to be listed on the Network State Dashboard.

  • [tech] Email-based authentication.

This allows customers to message creators without using a crypto wallet to authenticate themselves. They still have to use a crypto wallet to pay, but this is a conceptually easier step.

  • [tech] Email summaries for users.

A summary will contain the totals of messages received, money received, and replies received. It will also contain the messages themselves, together with the messages that immediately precede them. This means that an email summary will in effect be a list of items that can be added to a to-do list. The time period between summaries can be changed.

This also removes the problem of asking users to remember to log in to Tela.

This will be a major productivity win compared to existing apps that try to keep you inside their interface.

  • [tech] Remove "Pre-paid tokens" product.

It's a step too far at this point. Better to focus on a single product (paid chat) and make "Tela" signify exactly that one product.

  • [content] Explain referral rewards and mechanism more clearly.

  • [content] A new version of

We need a more professional-looking main website.

  • [content] A demonstration video

This should include:

  • the sign-up process
  • getting paid for receiving messages
  • receiving an email summary, and how useful this is.

Perhaps this should actually be 3 separate videos.

  • [tech] Release version 1 of Tela token

This will hold Tela shares and make them immediately tradable through e.g. Uniswap.

Due to Ethereum transaction fees, we will probably designate a Tela broker account, and shareholders with small numbers of shares will hold them within that account. Small-scale share transactions can then occur off-chain - otherwise transaction fees would be much larger than the actual value transferred.

  • [content] A business plan & podcast

We will publish our business plan on the blog.

We will start a podcast, which will include an episode where we go over the business plan.

  • [content] Support articles and videos

An article on "how to set up a wallet", with a companion walkthrough video. This can be included or linked to within the Tela signup process.

If you would like to:

  • ask a question
  • make a correction
  • make a complaint
  • suggest a topic
  • talk about something else

Then please contact StJohn Piano on Tela:

You can sign up to Tela here:

You can invest in Tela here:

You can read more about our strategy here: