Notes on pnpm

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Notes on pnpm

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pnpm stands for performant npm

Main focus: Save disk space

When using npm, if you have 100 projects using a dependency, you will have 100 copies of that dependency saved on disk.

With pnpm, the dependency is stored in a global content-addressable store.

If you install a dependency in a project, pnpm creates a hard link to its global store within the project's node_modules directory.

Hard links point to the same place on the disk where the original files are. So: There is only one global copy of the dependency.

More detail

If you depend on different versions of the dependency, only the files that differ are added to the store. For instance, if it has 100 files, and a new version has a change in only one of those files, pnpm update will only add 1 new file to the store, instead of cloning the entire dependency just for the singular change.


Manage NodeJS versions

pnpm env --help

List available versions of npm:

pnpm env list --remote

Install and set an npm version:

pnpm env use --global 18

You can use the lts modifier to install the LTS version.

pnpm env use --global 18 lts

Install an npm version (but do not set it):

pnpm env add --global 20 lts

Set version:

pnpm env use --global 20


admin@horizon contract-toolset % node --version

Manage repository dependencies

pnpm list

pnpm install (installs the dependencies in package.json)


See global store location:

pnpm store path


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