Five Insights from Business Breakfast Meetup 30-03-2024

You are selling potential, not present success.

Five Insights from Business Breakfast Meetup 30-03-2024

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This article contains five insights from three entrepreneur attendees of the Business Breakfast meetup event on 30-03-2024, organized by the Valencia International Business Club (VIBC) (Meetup; Instagram).

These insights are paraphrased from attendees at the event.

The attendees are credited after each set. Remaining attendees are listed at the end.


When you're negotiating with other business for buy-ins, you have to show your company’s inner workings, your numbers. You have to be vulnerable -  like in a relationship.


In negotiations, don’t talk about revenue at the beginning. You are selling potential, not present success.

Jan Donmez
Founder @ AppyBee

You have to sell what a customer needs. This isn’t always what they are asking for.


When talking to a representative or a liaison who is going to pass on a message to a higher-up, give them the words you want the higher-up to be told. Make sure you’ve said the words you want the higher-up to hear.

Anton Marukha
Head of Business Development & Deputy EVP, EMEA @ Sigma Software Group

A service provider also provides the courage to engage in that service.

Ofir Knimach
Business Coach; IT Program Manager @ STOXX

Other attendees:

StJohn Piano
Senior Backend Developer @ hypt; Blockchain Researcher @ Tela Network

Veronica Imasheva
Founder & Head of Marketing @ Growthfiner

Galin Dinkov
Founder @ Pigletz; Founder & Chairman @ CryptoVarna; Company Owner @ Blackdeep Technologies

Adrian Masaryk
Owner @ Modern Entrepreneur; Founder @ FitNat Coach

Jesper Skov
Head of E-commerce @ Witt; E-commerce Specialist @ Bagaren och Kocken AB; Owner @ Userturn; Co-Owner @ PadelGeek; Co-Owner @ Sweets Cooking

Julia Escudero
Digital Marketing Consultant

Katerina Chaika
Digital Concept Artist

Guillermo Pablos Murphy
Network Diplomat at Tela; MA International Relations

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